Biography:-Mallam Mohammed Bashir Suleman


Biography of mallam Mohammed B. Suleiman librarian, IBBU Lapai

MALLAM Mohammed bashir sulaiamn. Was born and brought up in Suleja town of Suleja local Government Area of Niger state, Nigeria. He did his primary Education in Suleja after which I attended Government college, Bida for secondary Education. He did his HND (Higher National Diploma) in Bida and then proceeded to Russia in 1974 where he studied Library Science.
Mallam muhammed was born on the 5th of June 1948 in Suleja, Suleja local Government of Niger State. He attended Dawaki primary school between 1955-1948. He is a dedicated person that love for reading and engaging in research as he travels to different countries around the global for research in the field of academy.

Life challenge when growing up in Suleja

There were no challenges by then. The situation was not as worse as now although there was no electric power supply, no pipe borne water. We lived in a natural way, all we had to do then was to study. I could remember we used to go to primary school crossing river with a tree in it as early as 7am you are going to beaten weather it is raining or harmattan it does not matter all, you just have to be at the school gate by 7am. Now who goes to school by 7am? Therefore,, the main thing then was to face what you are doing and there was discipline and a lot of perseverance back then. In life, we always face challenges. As human beings we try to overcome them.

Activities at school

Back the in school, I joined so many associations such as Red Cross an Man ‘O’ War.  He also attend ‘C’ school in Lagos in the year 1967. He went to Lagos as a senior post and a member of the scout Red Cross, so he fully engaged in all the school activities.

After school

Well he start working with the Kano state library advanced collage for some years and from there  he was employed in Abuja as an Assistant Director in education resource center (ERC) from the year 1983 to 1995. Thereafter on coming back to Niger State, the former governor, Engr. Abdullkadir Kure ( May his soul rest in peace) invited me to be the University Librarian in 2005 and since then I have been occupying the position and I am the patron of the Man O war in the University.


In life we always face challenges. As human beings, we try to overcome them.  I thank God, I start this library right from scractch even before the foundation when tress covered this location. I used to come all the way from minna to see the contractors and the site, so from 2005 untill date all I can say is I thank God. In addition I thank God that all the accreditation that came around, we paa through them. I do not have any challenges but to improve what I have done.

Inadequate use of the library by the lecturers is a problem that needs quick solution because library is not only meant for the students but for the community as a whole. In addition the way library are being treated here is very poor, I have experienced in many developed countries whrere they regard the library as the heartbeat of institution.

Many times if you are look at it, when you face challenges you try to get rid of these challenges but you need a helping hand because you alone cannot do it. As an institute, you need to your challeagues to put all their hands together as an institution to get rid of these challenges. However  if there is no cooperation and coordination, challenges will remain foverever. Unity comes first and as an education institute, even in the research field you do not go and do things alone, you need contributors.


What I do at my leisure time, I had some knowledge about photography and I had a photography lab in Russia  where I took and developed photographs. I do not go anywhere I do all of them at home.


You see the library is a social welfare institution. It  provides information to its users and when I say its users not necessarily   the students and lecturers but even the community at whole. The first things to be done here is that the lectures need to be conversant with all the materials that we have in the library then they can send the students to come and see the materials too. The lectures need to encourage the students to do a lot of research  in their field of study to revive the reading culture. In addition, the students need to know that even if you are online, library is a library. You cannot remove the library because you are online, No!!! it has to be there and as such they should engage in doing research even if it is online but they should not neglect the library entirely. Students need to be ecurious on knowing things and they will help in developing reading habit in them. In addition, they should know that the university library is open to them as it has no restrictions or limitation once they are interested in using the library. Anything they do not understand, they can meet up with any of the library staff or me. 

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