Biography: Biography of Mr Sabson

Biography: Biography of Mr Sabson

Biography of Mr Sabson

Full Name: Mohammed musa sabo
Date of birth : December 12th 1997
Nick Name: Mr Sabson aka Bagi duru
Occupation: artists/comedian/student.
Matarial Status: Single.

Mohammed musa sabo popularly known as MR SABSON is a 26years old croccity raised rapper/singer. He is the first child of his mummy and the first child of his father.

MR SABSON at time called E.S.K BOY is an artists signed into _EGI SABO KUDU_ entertainment company and owns the group of E.S.K BOYS. Egi Sabo in Kudu which was Established as a family venture of raps.
And His also the C.E.O of (D.B.N) Dope Boys Nation, The C.E.O of He's no doubt one of the fastest rising rapper in north since he releasing his tung mixtape. He dropped a hit track EGI SABO which disturbed the entire kudu town since than he's been dripping hit track back to back with mind blowing videos.
His music career didn't stop him from studying or working. He's currently studying Animals health and production technology in state college of agriculture mokwa Niger has always been his dream to make music not just any kind of music. Good music that be appreciated by his fellow Northern. He started writing songs when he was 12years old and started recording few years after he has hit songs like karasheka,99 miss call,king of city,yatunbo and lot of mind blowing songs with the recent of them all being Aisha mix.

MR SABSON has many collaboration with other northern artists like Key Guy, Badwiz, Gondigo,lill Gold and lots more. He career has been a growing one. E.t.c expect more from MR SABSON.

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