News:-Prince Mk finally Announced the month of his marriage with Amina Doko

News:-Prince Mk finally Announced the month of his marriage with Amina Doko

Prince Mk aka Bagi (sarki waka sanmarin Nupe) Finally announced the month of his weeding with Amina Doko

No matter how slow the snail move it will still reach it's destination

As you all know that marriage is the legal Union that join a man and woman as husband and wife

During our interview with Mohammed yahaya maikudi popularly know as prince Mk aka bagi about what people have been asking us and also what other people have been gossiping around that prince Mk will not marry Amina doko, but he is just using her for his music career.

Prince Mk said that he love Amina doko from the bottom of his heart like he has never been in love before, because from the first day he set his eye on her, dat was the very day he fall in love with her.
And prince Mk also said he believe that Anina doko is a kind of woman very man will like to marry, because she have a good characters and also she cares too. with all this reasons he want her to be the mother of his unborn childrens.

On the 13th October 2019 prince Mk officially announced that he is going to marry Amina doko Insha Allahu Next year and the month is March but the date is not yet out, so all prince Mk family,friends, and fans should be ready for the marriage ceremony to show him love thank you all.

Wish them happy marriage life in advance prince Mk and Amina Doko

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  1. Nice one
    But i want you to relize even one track for so

  2. That is very good to hear,May Allah Help them throughout the wedding.Happy marriage life in advance Amina Doko and Prince MK

  3. May God spare our life till date

  4. May almighty Allah spare our life to see the day and I wish the two couples a very happy wedding in advance