New: Moderate classic Bars to Badwiz Best Rapper In Arewa(BRIA)

News: Moderate classic_Bars to Badwiz Best Rapper In Arewa(BRIA)
Badwiz claim to be the best in North and also said he is one of the  biggest toughest as fa as North is concerned.
After the successful release of best rapper in Arewa(BRIA)
A North base rapper popularly known as Moderate Classic send this messages to Badwiz to let him know that best rapper he know is me and after me na me moderate classic said.

While Moderate decides to shut Badwiz up with which he claimed to be Best rapper in Arewa, because badwiz is feeling like after him the next arewa rapper would be me classic, dat is bulshit..
   Dem geh money baddest rapper Moderate classic act as literally been displaying a venomous side of him to all rappers coming with claims he feels should be his. He battled Ely_jakes to stay mute on the best rapper claim now he's telling the respected aboki front liner Badwiz to shuur the fvck up.
This is going to be interesting, because this is not a battle for kids.

So stay tuned as moderate releases  Bars to Badwiz.

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