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YKM Money Gangs E.P Album Review

YKM Money Gangs E.P Album Review

YKM Money Gangs started officially with 3 rappers; Kay Guy aka makaveli , D'prince kud and A. B. U baddest (which later left the label) . While along the way, artistes like Young Jay, fresh, Lil Gold and Best Guy were signed officially to the label.
YKM Money gangs used to be the Popular label in Niger state (Bida city) with hit songs from the artistes on the label.

Kay Guy who serves as the C.E.O  and founder of YKM record label have been trying very hard to keep the record label strong every Day and night. While YKM crew decided to come up with the idea of  releasing a joint E.P to make people belive in them and also to say thanks to there fanz for supporting them.

The 5 artistes came up with a 5-track E.P album titled ‘ Road to YKM’” with productions from
Dstormbeatz , El , L37 ,
BeatFactz , Tunday , CKay ,
TechZilla , YKM crew all agree to come up with this E.P album before the official announcement of the E.P album.
Join me as I walk you through the album.....!!!

The first track on the E.P album
Is YKM 2020 cyhper , which is also the first official single features
Kay Guy, D'prince kud,
Best Guy and Fresh Maye.This is a decent track. The beat was well laced and all the rappers  delivered well.Track produced by Dstormbeatz

My Nupe girl ’ was delivered by the talented artist D'Prince Kud . This tune is a hit! For once, I thought I was listening to Sir rude boy . My Nupe girl is one of the highlights of the E.P album, it has a R&B groove. I’m sure this song won’t only rock the clubs but also Owambe parties. It has a background sound of Mudno and it was produced by
Reinhard, I rate this track 10 of 10!

The almost 3-minutes track was followed by Story of my life
After Best guy raised the bar on track 1, the third track is
Story of my life is the track 3 on the E.P and it was delivered by the talented artist BEST GUY. This track would make anybody’s top track on this E.P. Best Guy has released few songs in the past, but I had no idea he was this good!!!! This is a 10/10 work bruh! The boys at YKM don’t play! STORY OF MY LIFE is a joeboy production.

Fresh boy Maye and Kay-Guy aka makaveli made a return on the track 4 titled
OLUWA produced by Reinhard .
Kay Guy should have done more rap and let Fresh Maye handle the singing part. The track isn’t bad either.

Kay Guy aka makaveli delivered another classic hip-hop tune. This is an instant hit!!, but Kay Guy has delivered on all the tracks he graced on this E.P project…he’s that good! Kay Guy on his part didn’t fail, although his bars were ok…I mean normal ! It’s a nice tune overall. Produced by CKay . Rating: 7/10.

Well, YKM Money Gangs managed to deliver a classic project. Which I want you all to watch out for all these guys on this E.P album because they all have something to offer  on this E.P and very soon, YKM money would take over the North, I mean all over the North!!!
Your opinions, corrections and criticisms are welcome.

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