TB Joshua biography: Real Name, Profile,his predictions and his occupations of Pastor TB Joshua

TB Joshua biography: Real Name, Profile,his predictions and his occupations of Pastor TB Joshua.

 Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations which dead at d age of 57 years old. 

 Pastor (TB)Temitope Balogun Joshua was born June 12, 1963 at Ondo state,Nigeria. While according to d website of (SCAN) Synagogue Church of All Nations, Joshua last in his mother womb for  almost 15 months before she gave birth him.

E be di leader and founder of di Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) wey also dey show live for Emmanuel TV television station wey im dey run from Lagos, Southern Nigeria, both on digital and terrestrial platforms.

Temitope Balogun attend St. Stephen Anglican Primary School at “Ikare-Akoko”, Nigeria 4rm (1971-1977”), but he couldn't one year of his secondary school education. He drop out 4rm secondary school for the first year and he work at a poultry farm.

TB Joshua popularly known at school as “small pastor”' because of the love he has for d Bible and also ability he has as he also predict things that may happen at the particular community he found himself , according to his church SCOAN post on their website.

Also TB Joshua him was a leader of “Scripture Union”during d time he at school.

Temitope Balogun TB Joshua later found d “synagogue, Church of All Nations” around 1987 with just few members which later grow to much members even at outside county.

At 2009, Temitope Balogun Joshua start at small football club which with the Name “My People FC” as part of his efforts 2 help d youths of his community. Right now two of the members of d team, Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi play for Nigeria Golden Eaglets for d 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Already, three players have gotten sponsorship to abroad to play as “Professional football for Sweden”.

At 2011, a contribute made base on Forbes write up which said that pastor Temitope Joshua his the third-richest pastor in Nigeria with estimated net worth: of $10 million - $15 millions dollars.

In 2013, people were rush for TB Joshua anointed water “(holy water)” which lead to heavy ‘stampede’ which about four people dead at his church which is at  Ghana capital, Accra. Alot of people like Thousands of people rush to go d church just for the (holy water), which they all believe that the get healing powers from it.

Some news agency reporttly said, the stampede happen , when people which are at the back of the church were pushing at the people at the front in other for them to get to the altar.

While at the accident of people who dead during the process of getting the anoting water plenty people Criticise “TB Joshua”and after d incident Ghana police  say his very difficult to accuse or appoint blame.

During ebola outbreak begin in “West Africa”Lagos State govement notice d way alot of people where going to “TB” Joshua church and others were going there for cure of Ebola which go plenty people talking.

Because of too much Criticise TB Joshua agree to suspend some of d church healing programmes but also claim that he has send more 4,000 bottles of "anointing water" to Sierra Leone to  cure d disease.

TB and Predictions

Temitope Balogun Joshua which is popularly known as prophecies TB Joshua . Which claim to predict alot of  events,like d death of Michael Jackson, and also the disappearance of d Malaysian plane MH370 and others which were not mention too.

For d case of Michael Jackson, TB Joshua tell him congregation say.

As for his  own area his  famous. Alot of people know him everywhere, Great, to great. Because I see something is beginig to happen to his star and which will likely end for him which will lead to no famous any more so they will sent him to journey of no return but he don't actually know when the  journey will be for him. 

And after the dead of Michael Jackson, TB joshua claim dat was his dead he was talking about six months earlier.

But still people which  always criticise d  method of his preaching and prophecy say he predictions don't always clear at all and is something he can manipulate to suit his own event.

Last year, ‘when “Corona Virus pandemic” begin spread, TB Joshua also predict dat d virus will end at the month of March during church service but as d  virus was still increase in number, TB leave the community and go to mountain to fast and pray in other to defeat Covid-19 in Nigeria and not only Nigeria he fast and pray for the all world suffering from Covid-19.

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