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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Birthday: Happy Birthday DJ Rabiu Gata

Birthday: Happy Birthday DJ Rabiu Gata

Am happy to share my birthday with you all my fans,because 04 April is is my happy day and I want you all to be happy with me,thank you all.

Birthday wish from Gata Musical Studio members

# Gaga Musical Studio
# We all members of Gaga Musical Studio cellebrate with you today now and forever more.

DJ Rabid Gata
On your special day, we wish you good luck. we hope this wonderful day will fill up  your heart with joy and blessings, have a fantastic birthday🎂, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday!!!

May this birthday  be filled with lots of happy hours and also your life with many happy birthdays, that are yet to come.
# Happy_birthday🎂
More_kudi in ur bank account
Celebrate but dont break leg oo

God bless you from Gata family.

Known more about DJ Rabiu Gata

Happy birthday to you the one and only baddest Dj popularly known as Dj Rabiu Gata which keep the all stage booming all the time the boss of Gata Musical Studio entertainment as you celebrate the most beautiful and special day of your life today may you continue to receive blessings, prosperity and joy in your life.

Dj Rabiu Gata is a most popular Dj that do all such of Dj work and also if you want your occasion should be well organized, ok Dj rabiu is the right person.
For your
1.Voice recording
2.Dj mixing
3.Dj for Occasion
Contact DJ rabiu
Call or whatsapp 07055414893

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

News: Congregation to Haj. Hauwa Umar Sanda Ndayako the new Ninwoye Nupe

Congratulations Nupencizhi!

New dawn, New hope.

On Saturday, the 21st Of March, 2020, following the death of Late Haj. Aisha Abdulmalik, (the 4th Ninwoye Nupe) on the 7th Of March, 2020 and buried on the 8th Of March 2020.

HRH Alh. (Dr). Yahaya Abubakar CFR, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, through the third in command of the Emirate council and the most senior traditional title holder of Masaba dynasty, Alh. Abdullahi Y. Manko (Kpotun Nupe), conferred on Her Royal Majesty Haj. Hauwa Umar Sanda Ndayako the traditional title of "Ninwoye Nupe" (Wogbo), which is equivalent to the rank of second in command, under the female royal class of the emirate council. She is the next to Sagi Nupe by hierarchy.

The official conferment was at the ancestral home of the second Etsu Nupe, Late Etsu Manmma Saba (Masaba palace). There was lots of entertainment, in a nutshell, it was memorable, as daughters/princesses from the three ruling houses come out in their vast figure to celebrate with the new "Ninwoye Nupe". Prayers were also offered for her beloved sister Haj. Adama Alfa Saba (Yadya) (my maternal grandmother) and for the repose of her ancestors.

• Upshot of the new Ninwoye Nupe:

She's the daughter of Late Shaba Abdulrahman, the son of Late Etsu Saidu. Etsu Saidu was the son of Late Shaba Mahmud, who is also the son of Late Etsu Manmma Saba (Masaba), the flag bearer of Masaba dynasty.

Until her appointment as the 5th Ninwoye Nupe, she was the wife of the immediate past Etsu Nupe, Late Alh. (Dr). Umar Sanda Ndayako (the 12 Etsu Nupe) and the mother in-law to the 13th Etsu Nupe.

In attendance were the stakeholders of the council and other traditional title holders, prominent son and daughters of the council, family, friends and well wishers.

She was formerly addressed as Haj. Katsaci, but now/henceforth officially known and addressed as Ninwoye Nupe (Wogbo) ✊

• The chronology of Ninwoye Nupe till date:

1. Niwoye Fatima
2. Ninwoye N

Thursday, February 27, 2020

News: Prince mk marriage date,time and Venus

News: Prince mk marriage date,time and Venus

Prince mk marriage date,time and venue

What is marriage?
Marriage is the legal Union that join a man and woman as husband and wife.

The award winning indigenous singer Mohammed yahaya maikudi popularly known as Prince Mk aka Baagi, marriage is by the corner which is March 20th 2020

Prince mk Marriage arrangements date,time and venue

Day 1
Sinbombo Intertional Day
Date: 17th March 2020
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: Doko

Day 2
Wazi (preaching) by: Mall. Usman
Date: 18th March 2020
Date: 3:00pm
Venue: Doko

Day 3
Nupe Day
Date: 18th March 2020
Time: 12:00pm
Venue: Doko

Weeding Fatiha
Date: 20th March 2020
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: Doko central Mosque

Day 4b
Ladies launching
Date: 20th March 2020
Time: 20th March 2020
Venue: Doko central mosque

Day 5a
Traditional dance by Alh. Babamini waka
Date: 21st March 2020
Time: 4:00pm
Venue: Estu Audu Village squad

Day 5b
Artists Day
Date: 21st March 2020
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Estu Audu Village squad

Day 6
Prince Mk fan's Day
Date: 22nd March 2020
Time : 4:00pm till mama call
Venue: Edi Primary Ground Ndazabo area Bida

Prince mk and Amina pre wedding picturs

Thank you as you all come
God bless you all and bless the two couples Amen.

Comment below let know how you feel about this.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

New: Moderate classic Bars to Badwiz Best Rapper In Arewa(BRIA)

News: Moderate classic_Bars to Badwiz Best Rapper In Arewa(BRIA)
Badwiz claim to be the best in North and also said he is one of the  biggest toughest as fa as North is concerned.
After the successful release of best rapper in Arewa(BRIA)
A North base rapper popularly known as Moderate Classic send this messages to Badwiz to let him know that best rapper he know is me and after me na me moderate classic said.

While Moderate decides to shut Badwiz up with which he claimed to be Best rapper in Arewa, because badwiz is feeling like after him the next arewa rapper would be me classic, dat is bulshit..
   Dem geh money baddest rapper Moderate classic act as literally been displaying a venomous side of him to all rappers coming with claims he feels should be his. He battled Ely_jakes to stay mute on the best rapper claim now he's telling the respected aboki front liner Badwiz to shuur the fvck up.
This is going to be interesting, because this is not a battle for kids.

So stay tuned as moderate releases  Bars to Badwiz.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

BINI AWARD Bida Nupe industry Award



Bida Nupe industry Award (BiNi) is North Entertainment Awards, and is an annual event organized to celebrate and reward Music Artists, Film actor, actress, Comedians, Bloggers, Footballers, etc. Not just in Bida along but all over the North; the Awards is aimed at building a large scale and internationally recognized Entertainment Awards in all over the North, Nigeria.
Over the years, Bida Nupe Industry (BINI) has celebrated with alot of Corporate Entertainers and some others Individuals who are into Entertainment, Business sectors and Innovations in the North Nigeria.
The objective of (BiNi) is to promote and celebrate the excellent achievements to which Nigeria Entertainment professionals and organizations contribute towards building a way forward to artists and other entertainers, the Awards also aims to encourage local practitioners to develop more innovative and creative toward their efforts, which will uplift the image of talented entertainers in North Nigeria both locally and internationally.

BINI The Bida Nupe Industry Award (BINI)  were established in Bida City in January 2018 to serve the growing of North Entertainment in all over the North. It recognizing the contributions of Nigeria entertainers to the entertainment industry. The event aims to promoting the image and culture of Nigeria artists. This has increased the awareness of a new  style, way forward of Nigeria entertainment that has helped promote North acts to the world.

Summary of the BINI AWARD
The Award in North is committed to the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of young people. Our mission is to inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognize their achievements.
On behalf of our Trustees, Thank you for your support as we endeavour to make a difference in the life of Nigeria’s youth.

Bida Nupe Industry Award (BINI) 2020 is here again to be part of this award and for sponsor and Enquiries inrespective of were you are,you can contact through the detail below:

  + 2348037616011
  + 2347062627799
  + 2348026505011

Thank you all

The founda of BiNi Award
The C.E.O of Nupehittracks the Award winning indigenous rapper popularly known as Ashaffii Gondigo

Thursday, January 30, 2020

News: Lyta formal YBNL artist,Career Is Over In The Music Industry

News: Lyta formal YBNL artist,Career Is Over In The Music Industry

Lyta Career Is Over In The Music Industry

Lawal Raheem popularly known as Lyta, which is the former “YBNL” artist, “career might be over if care is not taking”.
Ever since Lawal Raheem aka Lyta terminate his “YBNL contract” he has not been dropping hit songs agian unlike (“Time, Selfmade, Bimpe, and Ire cover”) which was produced under YBNL record label.
After lyta, signed a contract with Davido music world (DMW) record label , which he drops two songs which davido featured in one of the track titled “Monalisa”and the second track which was titled “Worry” but those songs did not hit the market unlike (“Time, and Selfmade”).
Now lyta is complaining that he now regretting leaving YBNL, and signing a contract with DMW music was a mistake for him.
Fans should bear with him that something big is coming from him to the fans this this year 2020.

News: Naira Marley Cults exposed by A Professor Ozioma Onuzulike of UNN

News: Naira Marley Cults exposed by A  Professor Ozioma Onuzulike  of UNN

Naira Marley and cult exposed

A Youngest Professor of UNN known as Ozioma Onuzulike wrote alot about the Marlians cults
As “The Deadly Virus Called Naira Marley” By “Ozioma
«Quarter pass„, you still want to get high,After  taken one original tramadol extra and think i want to wake up inside money alryt, come Am i guilty for that? I'm smart and I am making money cool money Am I a “Yahoo Boy”? No, because no evidence.
Take a look at  “Mafo track” (2019) those lines only easily spotlight the hot lure of our youths towards so called Malians, “Naira Marleys„ world of reckless lifestyle.
Azeez Fashola pick up his stage name “Naira Marley” in the Admiration of “Bob Marley” which was the late reggae musician. While like “Bob Marley” he love to wears dreadlocks and also he is a notorious smoker and promoter of cannabis which is called “Indian hemp or Igbo”. Naira Marley he is the latest deadly virus in towns nowadays, creating a cults followership within the youths who are so called Marlians.
You know like an evil genius, Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley easily sells his Marlian brand to his admirers by blowing their heads with customised volleys of "Marlians!!!  Marlians!!!  Marlians!!! also by saying Marlians first other backward which many children and adults have also swallowed the bait. While One of them recently post up Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley picture on the social media, “gleefully” declaring: saying this is the Marlian Prince.

 He also proceeded to “Enlist” as one of “Naira Marleys” spin doctors, also lying about that Naira Marley “studied uptill Masters level in the “UK”(United States) and holds a degree with distinction in “Business Law”. it's he correct?.

Let me ask again has Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley attended any degree awarding school? “Naira Marley” last school was a Sixth Form college („Crossways College„), at which point he left off formal education because according to Azeez Fashola confession to the EFCC, i had kids at that time, and i  took a break and starteded  making music till date. But his spin doctor told “White lies” in his spirited effort to convince his audience that Naira Marley is, a “successful young man” living an interesting life according to him. While why not? “Naira Marley” was born only on 9th May 1994, and is married to two wives and has four kids!!!.
This is concerned to all parent's should ‘discountenance’ Naira Marleys spin doctors on social media who are dutifully reading his recent Wikipedia entry upside down to the extent of expressly awarding him a master's degree in an unknown field of study. They are working hard to dispel fears that real Marlians do not become school drop outs even when they are “mannerless” and smoke weed like their Prince, change women like clothes and immerse themselves in the quest for easy money that are spent on alcohol and sex - vices that constitute the selling points of their Prince's music videos.

While as a parent, take out some time to understand the lyrics of Naira Marley last year hit song “Soapy” which he released after his first,visit to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) office. Always watch Naira Marley himself or Marlins members of his growing gang do the “Soapy Dance”, you will be very surprised to witness how badly “Naira Marley” has grown in injected deadly viruses into the brains of our youths.

I know before now, you may have seen alot of people dancing “lewd dances” with their “vibrating buttocks” and “changing gear” sometimes to make gestures which  are suggestive to the sexual Act itself.
«But you have seen nothing yet„ In Naira Marley so-called «Soapy Dance» Naira Marleys has got those “vulgar or debase ” dance moves which “improved” by his introduction of a very «explicit ‘sexual gesture» which has extended  deadly virus reach of today's “insanity”.

Let Begins with the this song's title,so called “Soapy”, Naira Marley makes no pretensions about his “Glamorisation” and promotion of “natural form of sexual activity”(Masturbation). In doing this so called “Soapy Dance” their right or left hand is held in front of One's “Groin„ in such a way that visually suggests it is holding up a mans hood charge "thing". A repetitive motion to softly of the folded hand is sustained at work while the dancer seductively moves his or her “Groin” in an unexpected action way (“aggressively suggestive way”).

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