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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

News: Main Reason why i ban Lagos Okadas, Lagos state speak

News: Main Reason why i ban Lagos Okadas, Lagos state speak

You all believe It  ca not  longer be called a commercial news again that all commercial (bike riders) motorcycle riders has been Cheses away from Lagos “Banned”
it gotten to my notice that people has been saying a lot of  different things and also wondering to know the reason why the Governor of lagos state make this type of decision.
The governor of Lagos State Sanwo Olu announced early this morning why he made the decision to banned Lagos bike riders away (“okadaa”). While Sanwo ulo the governor of Lagos post on his twitter account by which he said
I have been been Offline since  but let me use this medium to address all Lagos base (lagosians) on the issue of  OkadaaBanned issues.
OK I believe you  all are aware of “Access bank marathon” which will hold on Feb.08,2020 which is on saturday.
It means you should  used this trekking opportunities as training, or won't you like to win “$50,000” dollars?
You should know that the ban will not be “lifted„.
People pls if i may ask it's what our leaders should be doing with poor followers which vote for them?
This is very very unfair to the people been banned for their way of making money.

Comment below let see how you all feel by this issue.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

News: NYSC youths allowance has been increased to #N33,000.

News: NYSC youths allowance has been increased to #N33,000.
allowance of NYSC “corp members” has been increased to #N33,000.

A “Brigadier general and the director-general of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), in person of Shuaibu Ibrahim, which said that the monthly allowance of NYSC “corp members” has been increased to #N33,000.

Shuaibu Ibrahim announced this during a working visit to the “NYSC secretariat in Bauchi state”,. According to the statement, the main body issued on Wednesday morning on “Facebook”.
Ibrahim also said that the increase is in line with the new minimum wage which was approved by the federal government.

Ibrahim shuaibu said provisions for the new allowance have been made with the “2020 budget” and also the payment would commence as soon as the “funds” are released by the appropriate Authorities.
While In the month of September, Ibrahim had «hinted that, the monthly allowance of corps members would be increased «immediately if the federal government starts with the new payment of the recent minimum wage.
He also said that monthly allowance would be increased ""immediately when the Federal Government “starts with the payments of the new minimum wage to all Nigeria publics servants nationwides Ibrahim also said in  address which was passed at the “NYSC youths during their «Orientation» camp in Lagos at «Iyana-Ipaja»
Like seriously efforts are in the top gear of all levels to ensure adequate “welfare” for all corps members.
The minister of youths and sports development, Sunday Dare, who also confirmed the increases is  although which he did not provide details.
The President  of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari signed the new minimum wage bill into the law last year in April 2019”.

“Federal civil servants” while some states have started with the implementation and adjusting their salary scale.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

News:-Naira Marley Send warning across to all Marliens

News:-Naira Marley Send warning across to all Marliens

Nigeria artist know as Afeez Fasola   aka ‹Naira Marley› has pass a  message of ‹warning› to his fans, who are part of my family known as Marlians.
Naira Marley said a lot has been said about the Marlians  which some of them may be truth which  some as criticisms. As you all can see “Marlians” are considered as as strong people who do not stay by any rules but make their own rules and make their decisions.

This has  cause alot of problems recently as some youngs youth have gotten themselves into trouble as a result.
For example, as the starting of school this year, there's some secondary school female students were ‘allegedly’ suspended for introducing a Marlians cult in school.
while many Parents and some pastors, including Apostle Chris churchs have blamed the decay in society and in our youths on Naira Marley  influence on kids, which they say has not been positive.
Imagine “Omashola” even claimed that God revealed to him that Naira Marley is a demon sent to torment the future of our youths.
It has gotten to Naira Marley notice which he  now sent out an advice to all his fans and urge them to enjoy their life freely but to also they should ensure that they do not destroy their future in the process of the enjoyment.
Naira Marley  tweeted”As a Marlian u have to enjoy your youth but don’t destroy your future because is very important

Monday, January 20, 2020

News:-Bida committee under suspension

News:-Bida committee under suspension
End of committee in bida



(S.A Media) To The Chairman  Said The Circular Ii Not Genuine.

Their was a memo circulating around that bida committee are are on indeffinate suspension
As we followed the public reactions against so called Bida Committee over the allegetion tortured of a man which led to the death  in Bida local Gov't, the Bida Local Government Council under the leadership of the council Chairman, in person  of Suleiman Sheshi has suspended the so called Committee in bida with immediate effects.

 A reporter earlier reported that the reactions of some unknown group of gangs who attacked  and burnt down the office of the Committee which located at the roundabout at Bida Niger State.

You all should stay update because their is ongoing Investigation into this matter because alot is unravel in the causes of this issue in bida right now.

While according to Usman Baba Bida which is the (‹S.A Media to the Chairman.of Bida Local Government Council›)has refuted the above letter by saying the memo is not genuine. No committee is suspended.

According to Usman Baba Bida said that the circular that is circulating all over the social media is a scam, because as you all can see that letter wasn't signed by any council member of bida local government.

Check out follower comment against the memo
This really show that the memo is not genuine because no signature of any members of local government Council.

Don't forget to comment below to tell us how you feel about the news..stay update.

News:-Bida Committee office on fire By unknown group of gangs

News:-Bida Committee office on fire
Unforgettable day for bida committee.

The office of bida Committee Against civilians who lack discipline and “Drug Abuse” in Bida has been set on fire by some unknown group of Gangs.

And Which also effect alot of Many Commercial activities in the town  as well as people,particularly traders at the Old market roundabout  ran for their safety, which lead to lose of propertys

According to the reporter  who said that the Committee members ‘Allegedly’ through acts of torture and killed a Hausa man who is Expeccted to celebrate the naming ceremony of his two twins child tmorrow which is tuesday 21st of January 2020. Now it has  led to rampage attack by the unknown group gangs on the committee members and their offices.

A reporter also complain about the committee that the way bida committee are behaving is getting out of hands because they are not doing their job properly, because each member of committee supposed to set example to others not to show indiscipline to the society.

But bida committee left their job been assigned to them and jump into other people's concern. Also said Committee not supposed to beat a criminal but to hand them over to the police, it is the duty of police to handle every criminal cases not committee.
The reporter also complain that committee in bida also interfere with the issue of husband and wife  because they  notice that committees beat husband for wife torture husband  even if is just a mis understand between husband and wife, which is not supposed to be.

It has come to Notice that this is not the fist time that blood shed in the hand of bida committee.

Don't forget to comment below, let see how you feel about the news.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

News:-Aliko Dangote-i promise to buy Arsenal FC 2020

News:-Aliko Dangote-I promise to buy Arsenal FC
The Nigerian Billionaire Man,businessman, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, who is a well standard (die-hard) fan's of football Club know as Arsenal has revealed to the public that he is still interesting in buying the club.
A Nigerian Billionaire man, which worth more than £8.5billion U.S dollar has been planning for a long time to take over Arsenal from the current owner, Stan Kroenke.
If we recall back he previously promised a takeover bid in 2020, but since his Dangote Refinery still under construction, he has concluded to moved the date back to 2021.

Reason behind all this is that, It is
 not a big deal, but yes I would like to buy someother day, but what I keep saying is  we have alot of budget of “$20billion” which worth for alot of projects and that’s what I really want to concentrate on for now”Aliko Dangote told “David Rubenstein Show”.
While Aliko Dangote said that I'm trying to finish building my new company then i will now fully concentrate on other projects like that of buying Arsenal football club  in 2021 we can.
But just want to let the public know that I'm not buying Arsenal for now, but is not that money is my problem but i have to finish with my country projects

 You all should know that I'm buying Arsenal once I finish with all these projects because arm is that I'm trying to take the company to the next level. God bless Nigeria, God bless Arsenal football club and fan's.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Bida ASUP member come together  which the meeting take place at bida old forest along dokodza road.
Bida ASUP member said is time to show people that, they are tiered with the reactor of Federal polytechnic Bida Abunakar Dzukogi, should step down from the reactorship.During the protest the union stop cars and motorcycles from moving because there was a road block from both side. And this protest take place at the front of bida emir Palace, check out the graphics photo below.


Reason for the protest

Bida ASUP-BD Member are on protest at Emire palace bida


We are not against the Recruitment but Asking for our entitlements ASUP-BD

We say no to illegal Dismissal of our Dean's Hod and Union Members ASUP-BD

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Entertainment:- Happy birthday to Prince Mk aka bagi (Sarki Waka samarin nupe

Celebrity News:- Happy birthday to Prince Mk aka bagi (Sarki Waka samarin nupe

Am happy to share my birthday with you all my fans,because 9 January  is my happy day and I want you all to be happy with me,thank you all.

Happy birthday to you Mohammed Yachats maikudi aka prince mk the C.E.O of white heart entertainment as you celebrate the most beautiful and special day of your life today may you continue to receive blessings, prosperity and joy in your life.

Check out whatsapp wishers 

Don't forget to comment below to wish prince mk happy birthday

Wednesday, December 18, 2019



Summary Of ASUP Bida/Management Meeting in  Abuja

There was a mild drama at the House Committee hearing when ASUP Bida/Management met with the House Committee Members at the National Assembly on he 17-12-2019, each side was giving 15 minutes to state their case.

 The “ASUP Chairman” began first, rolled out a myriad of accusation against the present Management team, bordering on corruption, misinformation and heavy handedness, when he was done it was the Rector's turn to counter, but instead addressing the allegations, the Management team resorting to attacking personalities including “SMA”, accusing them of trying to force him out of office simply based on hate and personal ambition. The Rector accused SMA's aides of being in league with ASUP in their quest to bring him down, he claimed that since he was like a father to SMA, this crisis should have been solved in house.

At the end of both presentations, the House Committee Members were forced to ask why Management has refused to tangibly address the accusations of ASUP and instead resorted to attacking personalities. The House Committee on that note made it clear that they were aware that there has been several intervention on this crisis before this point, including some by Emir of Bida but all efforts have proved abortive. They further stated that while all the past efforts were merely conflict resolution efforts, the present Committee's intervention comes with the power to recommend action by the FG.

As both sides await the recommendations of the House Committee, we all hope that it will lead to a final resolution to the lingering crisis which has affected innocent students. Whoever means we'll for Federal Poly, Bida may Allah make them succeed.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Latest News:-Yanda'uba Nupe Movie Actor annoused that am not acting Film again

Latest News:-Yanda'uba Nupe Movie Actor annoused that am not acting Film again

On 13 December 2018 Yan da uba officially Announced that he is no longer going to act film again

Indegious Nupe actor yanda'uba said that what ever have beinging must surely come to an end.

I yanda'uba will not longer act film again, reason is because this world is coming to an end, and what ever good deeds that you do that is what they are going to reward you with in the day of judgement.

So as an elderly person am supposed to set a good example to the society and also my family not to be a Bad influence to the society, reason, because as a Film act u will be given some roll to play and once you act it, people will be looking at you like a Bad person base on how you act  and they will start said bad againist you also, and from there you will beinging to have bad names called by people. And as an elderly people which I am is not supposed to be.

So am using this midum to announce to you all that me yanda'uba will not longer act film again and those people who look me with Bad eyes or say bad against me should pls stop because am now a change person now.
I know i have act alot of Film that are so funny but that is not the way my characters is so am not the type of yanda uba you all seing in the film am a mallam before and still the same mallam now.

Further more if you all need prayers you can come to me i will pray for you, insha Allah is not by my power but by the power of our Almighty Allah

I yanda'uba is leaving Film industry for good because i don't want my name or my way of acting to affect my family, because my family is very important to me and also my community.

Thank you all.

Monday, December 2, 2019

News:-Prince Mk finally Announced the month of his marriage with Amina Doko

News:-Prince Mk finally Announced the month of his marriage with Amina Doko

Prince Mk aka Bagi (sarki waka sanmarin Nupe) Finally announced the month of his weeding with Amina Doko

No matter how slow the snail move it will still reach it's destination

As you all know that marriage is the legal Union that join a man and woman as husband and wife

During our interview with Mohammed yahaya maikudi popularly know as prince Mk aka bagi about what people have been asking us and also what other people have been gossiping around that prince Mk will not marry Amina doko, but he is just using her for his music career.

Prince Mk said that he love Amina doko from the bottom of his heart like he has never been in love before, because from the first day he set his eye on her, dat was the very day he fall in love with her.
And prince Mk also said he believe that Anina doko is a kind of woman very man will like to marry, because she have a good characters and also she cares too. with all this reasons he want her to be the mother of his unborn childrens.

On the 13th October 2019 prince Mk officially announced that he is going to marry Amina doko Insha Allahu Next year and the month is March but the date is not yet out, so all prince Mk family,friends, and fans should be ready for the marriage ceremony to show him love thank you all.

Wish them happy marriage life in advance prince Mk and Amina Doko

Don't forget to comment below to tells how you feel about this two lover

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