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Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

News: Bida Gida NE(Two brothers comedy set to drop film)

News: Bida Gida NE(Two brothers comedy set to drop film)

A great improvement in kin nupe Land
As two Brothers Comedy are into the next level.
On 12-march-2020 two brothers  comedy officially announced that they are going to release film with title Bida Gidah Ne

Bida Gidah NE as the name implies Bida is the house meaning is my home town my place. Twins brother  are one of the top comedians in the North bida city, with so many Awards, so with that they want to proved to bida people, and their fans that what ever they do or where them go, dey will never forget their language and home town. And  them decided to come up with this film call BIDA GIDAH NE this is going to be super dope far different form nupe movies, so stay anticipated and keep supporting two brothers comedy.
Stay anticipated dropping soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

News: Niger state government declare curfew


To my fellow Nigerlites:

The scourge of coronavirus (COVID-19) is real and with the confirmed cases in Abuja just a stone throw away from us, calls for more proactive measures and preparedness for any eventualities. Hence, I need to address you today.  The Covid-19 Virus with symptoms ranging from fever, tiredness, and dry cough to aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea does not manifest immediately rather these symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but do not develop any symptoms and don't feel unwell.

Already states of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja have recorded cases. I wish to reassure the general public that there has not been any suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the State. But as proactive government, the State has resolved to create mass awareness and respond promptly to any case of the outbreak. In this regard we have put in place the following strategies.

We have strengthened the surveillance system to detect any case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) including investigation and monitoring of any outbreak. The Public Health Emergency Operation Centre is at watch mode and enhanced surveillance is already in place.

We have reactivated our Isolation Centre at General Hospital, Minna and isolation rooms in all our General Hospitals across the state.

We have prepositioned drugs, medical supplies and personal protection equipment at the Isolation Centre in Minna.
 Sensitization of our clinicians on epidemic prone diseases is ongoing. Treatment protocols are also being circulated.
Niger state Government is collaborating with Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) on effective means of sharing information on how to prevent infection and mitigate in case of an outbreak in the state.

We have commenced risk communication through the media. Niger State Government will enforce all preventive measures as advised by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), especially social distancing and hand washing routines. I hereby direct further that, all public and private schools and institutions in Niger State to remain closed down from today, Monday 23rd March, 2020. All public gatherings of more than 20 persons are prohibited from today 23rd/March/2020.  All public offices including Ministries, Departments and Agencies must provide hand washing items at the entrance of their facilities.  Meanwhile, all civil servants on grade level 1-12 are to stay at home, except those on essential services. The general public including market men and women must practice social distancing and hand washing with soap regularly.
The traditional leaders should ensure all almajiri schools in their communities are closed down. All forms of street hawking and begging are by this directive banned.
As from Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, the state shall observe daily curfew from 8:00am to 8:00pm till further notice.

Finally, I strongly advise the general public to be vigilant, adhere strictly to personal hygiene, social distancing and seek medical attention in the event of symptoms. We also call on individuals with travel history from countries and states with cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to ensure self-isolation and report to the nearest Health facility in the state.

While asking people to adhere strictly to public health guidelines, I pray to God to bring an end to the scourge of coronavirus ravaging humanity, soon. Thank you all.

Friday, March 20, 2020

News: Road safety kill okada Man in Bida( Disaster strikes again in bida)

News: Disaster strikes again(Group of Road safety) kill okada Man in Bida

Disaster strikes again in Niger state,Bida local Gov't
 Road safety kill okada rider again in Bida city

Road safey agent are agent whose work is to stay in highway incase of  too much speed or accident.

Road safety Office is burn down by the group of okada riders in bida

A group of Road safety kill an okada man in bida today, because they were stopping the okada man, while the okada man refused to stop and pass them, so because of that road safety officers rushly enter their car and run after the okada man, when reaching the okada rider side the road safety at the front door beside the driver open the car door and because the okada man didn't expect that immediately the door open the door hit the okada man, and he fall down with the passenger he carry, and the okada man hit his head on the road and dead instantly.

 According to the withness who said that the passenger was also injured and rush to the hospital by the road safety car which cause the accident. Because of the the accident okada riders were angry and run after those group of road safety, and because those road safety are  gutty of what they did they run directly to police station, so the okada riders move directly to their office and born down their office.

According to the people of Bida local govt said that this is not the first time road safety has caused trouble like this in Bida, because road safety have also chase a woman before which lead to her accident just because of little money they we get.

Chairman of bida local government Council

At the road safety office the when people ask the Chairman of bida local govt to said something about what happened to the road safe that lead to burning down of road safety office, and the chairman tell people that he  have talk to the  bida road safety officers before that they should not be disturbing people inside the town rather they should go and stay at the highway incase of any immergency.

Road safety in bida are not doing their duty properly because road safety not supposed to chasing anybody, and is not the duty of road safety to ask for car particulars, rather to check cars without seat belt and ask them to replace it, than to bill them and ask them to pay some ramsome and direct people to go and pay in the bank for no reason.

People of bida said that we want the chairman of bida and other council should look into this issue of road safety because they don't know their work so with that they should be band from bida if not, next time they will not take it likely with them until a member of road safety die too.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

News: Main Reason why i ban Lagos Okadas, Lagos state speak

News: Main Reason why i ban Lagos Okadas, Lagos state speak

You all believe It  ca not  longer be called a commercial news again that all commercial (bike riders) motorcycle riders has been Cheses away from Lagos “Banned”
it gotten to my notice that people has been saying a lot of  different things and also wondering to know the reason why the Governor of lagos state make this type of decision.
The governor of Lagos State Sanwo Olu announced early this morning why he made the decision to banned Lagos bike riders away (“okadaa”). While Sanwo ulo the governor of Lagos post on his twitter account by which he said
I have been been Offline since  but let me use this medium to address all Lagos base (lagosians) on the issue of  OkadaaBanned issues.
OK I believe you  all are aware of “Access bank marathon” which will hold on Feb.08,2020 which is on saturday.
It means you should  used this trekking opportunities as training, or won't you like to win “$50,000” dollars?
You should know that the ban will not be “lifted„.
People pls if i may ask it's what our leaders should be doing with poor followers which vote for them?
This is very very unfair to the people been banned for their way of making money.

Comment below let see how you all feel by this issue.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

News: NYSC youths allowance has been increased to #N33,000.

News: NYSC youths allowance has been increased to #N33,000.
allowance of NYSC “corp members” has been increased to #N33,000.

A “Brigadier general and the director-general of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), in person of Shuaibu Ibrahim, which said that the monthly allowance of NYSC “corp members” has been increased to #N33,000.

Shuaibu Ibrahim announced this during a working visit to the “NYSC secretariat in Bauchi state”,. According to the statement, the main body issued on Wednesday morning on “Facebook”.
Ibrahim also said that the increase is in line with the new minimum wage which was approved by the federal government.

Ibrahim shuaibu said provisions for the new allowance have been made with the “2020 budget” and also the payment would commence as soon as the “funds” are released by the appropriate Authorities.
While In the month of September, Ibrahim had «hinted that, the monthly allowance of corps members would be increased «immediately if the federal government starts with the new payment of the recent minimum wage.
He also said that monthly allowance would be increased ""immediately when the Federal Government “starts with the payments of the new minimum wage to all Nigeria publics servants nationwides Ibrahim also said in  address which was passed at the “NYSC youths during their «Orientation» camp in Lagos at «Iyana-Ipaja»
Like seriously efforts are in the top gear of all levels to ensure adequate “welfare” for all corps members.
The minister of youths and sports development, Sunday Dare, who also confirmed the increases is  although which he did not provide details.
The President  of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari signed the new minimum wage bill into the law last year in April 2019”.

“Federal civil servants” while some states have started with the implementation and adjusting their salary scale.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

News:-Naira Marley Send warning across to all Marliens

News:-Naira Marley Send warning across to all Marliens

Nigeria artist know as Afeez Fasola   aka ‹Naira Marley› has pass a  message of ‹warning› to his fans, who are part of my family known as Marlians.
Naira Marley said a lot has been said about the Marlians  which some of them may be truth which  some as criticisms. As you all can see “Marlians” are considered as as strong people who do not stay by any rules but make their own rules and make their decisions.

This has  cause alot of problems recently as some youngs youth have gotten themselves into trouble as a result.
For example, as the starting of school this year, there's some secondary school female students were ‘allegedly’ suspended for introducing a Marlians cult in school.
while many Parents and some pastors, including Apostle Chris churchs have blamed the decay in society and in our youths on Naira Marley  influence on kids, which they say has not been positive.
Imagine “Omashola” even claimed that God revealed to him that Naira Marley is a demon sent to torment the future of our youths.
It has gotten to Naira Marley notice which he  now sent out an advice to all his fans and urge them to enjoy their life freely but to also they should ensure that they do not destroy their future in the process of the enjoyment.
Naira Marley  tweeted”As a Marlian u have to enjoy your youth but don’t destroy your future because is very important

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