Friday, March 20, 2020

News: Road safety kill okada Man in Bida( Disaster strikes again in bida)


News: Disaster strikes again(Group of Road safety) kill okada Man in Bida

Disaster strikes again in Niger state,Bida local Gov't
 Road safety kill okada rider again in Bida city

Road safey agent are agent whose work is to stay in highway incase of  too much speed or accident.

Road safety Office is burn down by the group of okada riders in bida

A group of Road safety kill an okada man in bida today, because they were stopping the okada man, while the okada man refused to stop and pass them, so because of that road safety officers rushly enter their car and run after the okada man, when reaching the okada rider side the road safety at the front door beside the driver open the car door and because the okada man didn't expect that immediately the door open the door hit the okada man, and he fall down with the passenger he carry, and the okada man hit his head on the road and dead instantly.

 According to the withness who said that the passenger was also injured and rush to the hospital by the road safety car which cause the accident. Because of the the accident okada riders were angry and run after those group of road safety, and because those road safety are  gutty of what they did they run directly to police station, so the okada riders move directly to their office and born down their office.

According to the people of Bida local govt said that this is not the first time road safety has caused trouble like this in Bida, because road safety have also chase a woman before which lead to her accident just because of little money they we get.

Chairman of bida local government Council

At the road safety office the when people ask the Chairman of bida local govt to said something about what happened to the road safe that lead to burning down of road safety office, and the chairman tell people that he  have talk to the  bida road safety officers before that they should not be disturbing people inside the town rather they should go and stay at the highway incase of any immergency.

Road safety in bida are not doing their duty properly because road safety not supposed to chasing anybody, and is not the duty of road safety to ask for car particulars, rather to check cars without seat belt and ask them to replace it, than to bill them and ask them to pay some ramsome and direct people to go and pay in the bank for no reason.

People of bida said that we want the chairman of bida and other council should look into this issue of road safety because they don't know their work so with that they should be band from bida if not, next time they will not take it likely with them until a member of road safety die too.


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