Rituals: Igbo man kill 3year old boy at lapia for Monday ritual

Rituals: Igbo man kill 3year old boy at lapia for Monday ritual

May 21st Igbo man was caught at lapia as a rituals ND was arrested by d police mens after his gate man was caught with a parts of human bodys in a sack 

According to the bike man who caught d Hausa man said dat he picked this Hausa by the road side and said to him dat he was going to outside the town which they price and they agree to each other and he took him on his bike ND they were going so suddenly the Hausa man ask him to stop and he paid him and after he takeoff he saw blood on his bike ND the decided to clean the blood it was there he noticed that this is not animal blood but human blood that's how he raised alerm and  people come around which they run after the Hausa man and ask him to open his sack bag for confirmation and when they open the bag it was confirmed that is was a human body parts

That is how the Hausa man was caught and he was hand over to the police for intarogation and that is how he confess that he was sent by his boss 

Image of a body used for Money ritual

The Hausa man confess that his boss promise to give him a very big amount of money if him is able to do wat he said which he  sent him to look for any small boy or girl for him ND the was able to find him a small boy of 3 to 4 years old and he took the boy inside after some hours he come outside with the body and different parts was cut off and ask him to dispose the remaining body which I cut off the remaining body into peaces and put them in a sack so that people will think is a Animals meat.
The boy body was identify because the parents of the boys were looking for there missing child for more than 5hours before they had news that a body of a small boy was found and was kill and the parents quickly rush to the police station for body identification and it was happen to be there missing child.

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